FREE Venue finding Service

Venue selection

We listen to your requirements and find the most relevant place for your event for free. Choosing the correct venue is a skill and to perfect it takes expertise; trust this job to the Adiona team, who have this experience. The Adiona team have personally visited well over 2,000 venues in the UK and Europe. Venues are our passion. We are totally independent which means we can consider any venue on your behalf.

No more lists to trawl through, no time consuming calls to and from venues to see if they have space, no irrelevant information, no being taken in by good-looking websites. Just a complete proposal of considered venues which meet your criteria, approached with common sense and personal experience.

We always ask for the best price, that’s a given. Being IATA registered often means we have access to lower rates not available to the general public, which we pass on to you.

We come with you on site visits to offer our expertise in getting the best fit for your event in each venue. Ask our advice; it will cost you nothing but save you time, effort and frustration.

Adiona. The Event booker